[discuss] CIS Policy Briefs on IANA Transition

Geetha Hariharan geetha at cis-india.org
Sun Jun 22 09:55:16 UTC 2014

Dear all,

In light of ICANN50 and robust discussions surrounding IANA transition,
Centre for Internet & Society (http://cis-india.org) has produced two
policy briefs on the issues.

The first brief describes the transition process so far, and the second
provides recommendations for process-design principles.

1. IANA transition fundamentals:

2. Suggestions for process design:

We hope these are helpful, and that these suggestions will find support
amongst the community.

Many apologies for cross-posting!


Geetha Hariharan
Programme Officer
Centre for Internet and Society
W: http://cis-india.org | T: +91 8860 360717

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