[discuss] shifts in IANA/accountability discussion: your thoughts?

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Mon Jun 23 00:13:36 UTC 2014

At 00:39 23/06/2014, willi uebelherr wrote:
>VGN it means "Virtual Geo Network". Yes?
>But what has this to do with the statement of John?
>"... but be advised that many, many folks find that these 
>arrangements are very convenient;..."
>Is that the US VGN? Please, explain your statement and thinking

A VGN is a Virtual Glocal Network, the optimization of  any personal, 
famiily, city, trade; coporate, nation global digital resources. It 
starts with its DNS root (who they want to contact under which name) 
and IPs (who they are) and any additional presentation layer six 
(intelligence, security, language, formats, etc.) additions.

This is what is called a class/group or a closed user group etc. in 
other technologies. In the internet technology it was not much used 
but is really easy to set-up. I suppose that with the ICANN take over 
it will become very fashionable to get rid of the US/ICANN VGN.

When a VGN wishes to be open it can organize its DNS in using a DNS 
class maintained on root servers for this class. In most of the cases 
its VGN master will have his own VGNIC with his HomeRoot, his 
Happy-IP list, his own inclusive SuperiANA with informations on all 
the multiples technologies being in use on his VGN. There are 256 
classes he can freely use. Therefore billions of possible root files. 
The internet is a distributed not a centralized network.

What John described is the use of the US VGNIh C (IANA or InterNic) 
as your own VGNIC. This is what most of the people are still doing 
due to the credibility of the NTIA supervised IANA. In China they use 
the CN VGN names and numbers, There is no problem in so doing as long 
as you respect the "ICANN ICP-3 Part 5. Experimentation" 
constraints  not to pollute other classes: 

You will reach the IP resolved by the root zone you access. The "IN" 
ICANN/NTIA ones if you use the IN CLASS. The CN reality if you are in 
China. In Europe we may have a EU CLASS and Root soon enough over the 
TM rules for .vin and .wine. In the US too there are unhappy Congress 
people. I will try to register "nappa.wine" to sell vinegar.

This has no impact on the general internet. There will only be a 
".vin" trade registry being documented rather than the ICANN proposed 
one. Illegal names will be blocked, like in the US ICE procedure.


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