[discuss] shifts in IANA/accountability discussion: your thoughts?

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Mon Jun 23 19:14:07 UTC 2014

(C'est moi qui envoi - merci ! MG).

At 12:08 23/06/2014, Jay Daley wrote:
>Dear JFC Morfin.  Please stop wasting our time creating false 
>identities to ask yourself questions and give you the opportunity to 
>answer your own questions.  Especially around the nonsense you call VGN.

Dear Jay

this is not because you have not yet understood what users classes 
and hosts groups, (closed)user-groups, open gardens, virtual 
networks, internetting, shared writting, mail jokey, virtual disks, 
LISP, CCN, SDN, DNS classes, intelligrams, ISO layer six, 
polylectics, multilingualization, the BUG, MSism, (I removed ICANN 
from the list as this is something we do not understand either, and 
orthotypography Jay never alluded to) etc. are, [let me add the RFC 
6852 implications] that others did not (we accept that at times it 
was not easy and we are not finished with all of them - and some of 
us still dig in new concepts: is this innovation???), did not 
standardized them (or are in the process of doing it), did (or do) 
not implement it, and do not use or work on them in spite of the 
breaks into our VGN - your Sherlockmania seems to have inspired.

What is interesting is that JFC Morfin is no more - for a few months 
- a member of this list !!! - The ghost troll :-)
(hey! -> I contribute directly or indirectly to this shared writting 
from time to time !!! - people like Jay do help us in raising basic 
points: one always has to be strong on fundmentals).
He is our scapegoat too (no-offense intended if the term is not 
brotherly in English: I used Google translate)!

(Editor's Note: Andrew Sullivan qualified some of us, at the IDNA2008 
time, of (implied: no interest) "Jefsey's disciples". This has become 
"JEDIs". A "JayDa point" among us has become a simple point that some 
could complicate through OOT questions).

Dear Jay, you are far away in your NZ, but may-be do you come to one 
of the penultimate International Congratulation Circus over Nicking 
Names in London? Why not to stop over on your way back at: 
"LSM is a non-commercial cycle of conferences, round tables and 
workshops based on Libre Software and its uses. Its aim is to provide 
a platform for Libre Software users, developers and stakeholders as 
well as any visitor. Dare it!
"The LSM are coming back to France, Montpellier, in year 2014! 
Welcome to 15th RMLL! Free access week-end - July 5 & 6th, 2014 - 
Esplanade Charles de Gaulle".


(This time I counted 8 coauthors! This is not speed but it is shared 
and fun writing - many jokes have been removed and entries politely 
compacted. We learned in the process that NZ ladies had been the 
first women to vote in the world: one our feminist she-participant 
suggesting that the country desesperately needed their brains - while 
in France we created gender equality in beheading everyone, indifferently).

Hey! JayDaley is right: the ICANN VGN will become a nonsense with 
their BUG attitude.
I love the "BUGAttitude of Being Unilaterally Global"! Well found!!!

OK. Now I send it.

M S G  

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