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Tue Jun 24 11:08:55 UTC 2014

At 07:05 24/06/2014, Barry Shein wrote:
>This author gets it right, he wins the internet.

Still two announced papers.

>He does miss one aspect, however, which is that the FCC is the chief
>content censor in the United States.

Architectonically this is the hardware/software/brainware nature of a 
business where competition replaced regulation on the condition of no 
cross-subzidisation. Brainware revenues had not been considered, so 
no one know if/how they can be regulated. FCC is therefore in need to 
decide on a case per case without a metric. This is barely 
acceptable, but no one has a solution yet.

>  There's a reason for that besides
>mere jurisdiction: Their regulations are subject to public hearings
>and pressure which makes them a target for groups with extremely
>narrow cultural agendas.

In brainware subjective issues have the focus. Open source was 
already a problem in software.

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