[discuss] etherpad survey

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Fri Jun 27 16:51:45 UTC 2014

At 13:48 27/06/2014, manning bill wrote:
 JFCY (& all your alter egos), I'll state for the record that 
>Jordon did buy drinks last night and Jay was crying into his beer at 
>the end of the match.
>Could have been the bubbles in the water, but they really did seem 
>to be different people


AFAIK Jefsey is at a "tree party" in Montpellier to install the next 
week RMLL meeting's network. https://2014.rmll.info/Participants : I 
see that ISOC will not be here.

Are you sure that the Jordan's drink did you not make you see him double :-)

More seriously the question came from the fsp4net discussion on 
"ethermail agents" and the need for polycratic MSism in the Libre 
multitude. Our old eudora set-up does not scale wlell anymore and 
does not support Unicode well.

The idea is to discuss specs and possibly call for some crowd funding.

M S G  

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