[discuss] Thoughts welcome on proposed Netmundial submission

Ken Stubbs kstubbs at afilias.info
Sun Mar 2 13:09:36 UTC 2014

Ken Stubbs wrote:

I like the thinking here..
This appears to be a very practical approach to this issue

On 3/2/2014 5:41 AM, Peter Dengate Thrush wrote
> " Making progress on this issue means removing the contract, and the 
> contractual relationship that it creates. 
The USG originally signaled in Clinton's time that it would complete a 
handover to the NewCo of the White Paper, once it was built.
One avenue is therefor to return to the USG and say that ICANN has now 
become the
trusted global body envisaged by the White Paper, and that transfer 
should now be done."

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