[discuss] Thoughts welcome on proposed Netmundial submission

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Mar 2 14:48:15 UTC 2014

On 02-Mar-14 11:06, David Conrad wrote:
> You aren't actually talking about the IANA functions, you are talking
> about one specific IANA function, namely the root management
> function. The IANA functions consists of (my categorization) three
> major functions (root management, internet numbers allocation, and
> protocol parameter registry maintenance) and two minor functions
> (operation of .ARPA and some of its sub-zones and operation of .INT)
> however it is quite common for folks to focus exclusively on root
> management. I might suggest either expanding your draft to deal with
> the other functions or retitling your draft to express the solitary
> focus on root management.

And personally I think that

 > protocol parameter registry maintenance

is by far, the biggest and most complex of tasks.
and possibly even the most important.

(Aside: I have often wondered, but haven't researched, how much of 
IANA's time was spent on various aspects of their tasks.  With the need 
to read all Internet Drafts on their way to RFC for IANA considerations, 
and then create and administer the registries according to a complex set 
of arrangements, I always thought this had to be the largest and hardest 

It because of this function that I never thought that the IANA function 
belonged as an integrated part of ICANN, though I never minded ICANN as 
the administrator of this function.  I guess I am still uncertain as to 
whether I think it appropriate for ICANN to absorb this function.


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