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Hi Ray,

Could you explain to me the nuance you introduced with "including aftermarket prices" ? Could you explain to me the situation you are trying to clarify?

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Thanks Karen,  I’ve offered the following edit to the second interim recommendation (what is in parens i.e. “including aftermarket prices”) for consideration:
2.      An economic study to take into account the impact of new gTLDs on competition in the DNS ecosystem, including consideration of relevant pricing data.  Again, while not dispositive of the Program’s effects on competition, this will be an important element for consideration by the Review Team, and the group believes that data may be difficult to obtain retroactively.   The economic study would take into account the wholesale and retail prices (including aftermarket prices) for domain names now and at a later point, and include an analysis of the findings in light of the competitive conditions of the domain name sector.  Accordingly, the group recommends that the Board authorize funding up to [$_________] to generate and conduct an economic study in the short term, and direct staff to secure qualified providers for design and execution of this study.
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Dear IAG-CCT members,
Please see attached a draft letter to the Board containing the interim recommendations proposed by the group for the Board’s meeting in Singapore.  For those who volunteered last week to review these materials, we would appreciate a quick turnaround on any comments.
The letter points to recommendations in 2 areas:
1 – a consumer survey to provide baseline metrics in the areas of consumer trust and consumer choice, and 
2 – an economic study to provide some baseline data in the area of competition, including pricing data.
On the first point, this is intended to support a way forward on all the survey-related recommendations.
On the second point, this is meant to address metrics 3.9 and 3.10 on wholesale and retail pricing data.  As we have continued to examine how to best collect and analyze this type of data, we are also working to provide some additional context around the intended use.  Framing the request as part of an economic study may help increase participation (i.e., the registry agreement has a provision indicating that the registry will cooperate and provide data for economic studies), as well as helping to address the legal concerns around compilations of pricing data.  Establishing the broader context for the exercise should also help make the case for this investment.  
Please let us know of any feedback or suggestions to this document.  As noted on last week’s call, we are aiming to meet the Board materials deadline of 4 March.   
Best regards,
Karen Lentz

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