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[Help to create a /1net statement for NetMundial][2]

 Based on the feeling and importance that /1net should provide some kind of formal input to the NetMundial meeting in April, we have specifically developed a statement and process to meet the tight deadline for submitting input (Saturday 8 March). 

The statement is built from the Montevideo Statement, and split up into the two themes of the NetMundial meeting. There shouldn't be anything in this statement that is controversial or surprising if you have been following Internet governance discussions over the past four months. 

A few quick things to note: 

Having a /1net statement should not in any way preclude people from sending their own input to the NetMundial meeting
The statement should be viewed as the broad perspective on Internet governance issues from the /1net community. There is plenty of opportunity for more in-depth discussions outside this singular event
Given the tight deadline, we should as much as possible avoid suggestions that others will disagree with
Process of c...

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[2]: http://forum.1net.org/t/help-to-create-a-1net-statement-for-netmundial/128

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