[discuss] Survey

Elisabeth Blanconil info at vgnic.org
Wed Mar 5 00:48:45 UTC 2014

At 00:14 05/03/2014, Louis Pouzin (well) wrote:
>This survey is a miserable mascarade. Why waste time discussing it ?

The whole thing is a mascarade.

At 01:00 05/03/2014, Mike Roberts wrote:
>I'm not sure we've dumped enough on the survey yet.  What about 
>"Dastardly abomination!"  That's from one of the Sherlock Holmes 
>episodes on PBS.
>Seriously, there have been sound and constructive contributions to 
>this forum.  It undermines the credibility of that hard work to have 
>foolishness appear at the last minute.

For them it is an intellectual academic game :-). Let them enjoy it, 
get T&L paid, dream they save and rule the world, etc.

They want to constrain States with such jokes.
Folks, States are where humanity has located "sovereignty", i.e. the 
legitimacy to use force up to violence if this becomes necessary.
Anything that does proceed from that fundamental premise is called utopia.

Now, we participated and teased because we wanted to be sure we would 
not miss a good idea (we found none) and check the soundness of ours 
(we only got pertinent confirmations of David Conrad). Now, there is 
work to be seriously done to deploy the innovation our national 
industries, jobs, security and development need.

If some want to discuss their practical participation to the enhanced 
cooperation it calls for, they are welcome on discuss at 0net.org 
(http://0net.org). "0net" stands for a 0 blahblah governance of a 
neutral, transparent, reliable network. Not something @ M$ 12 a year 
the sysops.



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