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Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Wed Mar 5 22:17:21 UTC 2014

At 21:32 05/03/2014, Elisabeth Blanconil wrote:
>the Themis was the natural law as seen by the Greeks. It included 
>the gods, the lessons from greek history, etc. In the present case 
>one could claim that the Themis equivalent is the current geek 
>paradigm. This paradigm has been reworded by the I*people (RFC 
>6852). Do you accept it after your appeals due to your recent 
>comments that they missed a final referent but that an MS principle 
>could replace such a referent? Would the DNSA be an acceptable referent?

I did not go into details. The French Govs position, if I understand 
it well, is that the Cyber Right has many common points with the Sea 
Right. In the Themis (as a Greek and not a Humanity law of the 
universe) there are the philia (a strong human friendship, as humans) 
and a war etiquette (like in China's second millenary) which are 
quite similar the seamen's solidarity. There is the same kind of 
connivance in the Libre, among hackers and geeks. But nothing so 
strong, and it stays at individual level.

IRT the DNSA this would be confusing a part and the whole. The whole 
is the digisphere, of which the internet is a component, of which its 
DNS is currently a part. My point about RFC 6852 is that actually the 
I*leaders are being used and ISOC does not represent anything 
architectural anymore. So, they have not the credibility to enforce 
or arbitrate anything. In this case OpenStand is only a way for the 
IAB not to be politically responsible for a technology which is now 
outside of any control by a single guru, agent or board. So, it is a 
wild economic west, where the IUsers will eventually win and dispute 
the leadership among themselves. This is where a technical governance 
is necessary, but the arena of this governance exists already because 
on a network you need to test your running code in living mode. So, 
you are known - the press is the technical IGF.


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