[discuss] the three orthogonal questions [was Thoughts welcome on proposed Netmundial submission]

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Mar 6 17:03:08 UTC 2014

From: Peter Dengate Thrush [mailto:barrister at chambers.gen.nz]

>The issue is not removing IANA from ICANN
>Its about removing IANA from the USG.

No, it's about more than that. It's about creating a truly globalized governance institution. This involves more than just giving it to ICANN.

> A separated IANA  that is (still) contracted to USG hasn't solved the big issue.

Our proposal does not contract the DNSA to the USG. So this point misses the mark.

>Second, as a matter of practical politics, it will take a New Entity 15
> years to engender sufficient trust in its independence, soundness,
> immunity, freedom from capture etc etc.

15 years? No, I don't think so. It took ICANN that long in its early years, but it emerged from nothing, involved both the IANA functions and policy making, and was in the middle of a big fight between Network Solutions (now Verisign), the USG and the Internet Society.

>That includes at NTIA - which is not going to hand over to a new,
> untrusted, untested body, with a new board, new staff, new processes...

I'll let NTIA speak for itself. You should, too ;-)

>Once IANA is untethered but inside ICANN, with full functional
>separation from the policy making process, and away from the
>USG, you begin Stage 2 - which is to your endgame of a structurally
>separated IANA. Along the way, you work on developing consensus
>answers to all the accountability/protection/funding/immunity questions
>you're now getting.

The idea of two stages is worth considering, but I think ICANN would hold on to IANA and never let go it, just as the USG did. And what, exactly, would require it to let go in the future? There would be no contract.
I don't think ICANN is "purpose-built" to run the operational aspects of root zone management. It is purpose-built to develop policy.
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