[discuss] On Addresses and Identifiers / proceeding properly

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Mar 7 19:16:34 UTC 2014

At 18:41 07/03/2014, Seth Johnson wrote:
> > To put it differently, allocation of parameters is not policy decisions.
> > It is the result of coordination between the parties that need the
> > parameters.
>Exactly!  And this is a very, very critical point, probably one of
>the most critical things people need to be understanding
>right about now.
>I'll elaborate more later, but I have way too much on my plate right
>now.  Glad Patrik picked it up.

I am afraid a broad part of the members of this /1net mailing list 
does not realize that they think these issues along the terms of the 
minority. As Elisabeth just reminded us, 89 States have decided they 
could "coordinate" on an MS basis, i.e. "discuss together and decide 
by themselves". The position of the 55 others is for the time being 
unknown as they seem to stand for a non defined "globalization" of 
the non-defined internet community of the non-defined internet being 
governed through a non-defined MS process.

I understood as, Elisabeth seems to want to check it, that the Sao 
Paulo meeting was to discuss that issues and clarify the points of 
possible agreement between the economically poweful 55 (2.6 billion 
people) minority and the broad 89 (3.8 billion people) majority. I am 
not sure that discussing the non-existing DNSA contractual 
entanglement, along the US laws, with the disputed ICANN + IANA 
without considering the IANA IETF origin, does aim such a target?

I am definitly lost about the real target of this /1net co-Sao Paulo 
event organizer, even created by ICANN. Is there someone in the 
cockpit of NetMundial?

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