[discuss] What are the actual goal(s) of the proposal?(was Re: Roadmap for globalizing IANA)

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Mar 7 20:50:05 UTC 2014

At 19:42 07/03/2014, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> > What if the IANA IETF agreement is terminated?
>Can you further explain this and it's implication? What other 
>agreement do you refer?

Please see my preceding post on IETF/IANA relations (IETF 89, meeting)

The IANA comes from the IETF. The arrangement is RFC 2860. It can be 
changed if ICANN does not adhere to the IETF values anymore. These 
core values are expressed in RFC 3935 and a new paradigm is defined 
in RFC 6852. IETF does not only produce parameters, it also produces 
RFCs. What happens if IETF simplifies and stabilises as other SDOs do 
and only publishes through the RFC Editor (IANA is just following the 
RFC IANA sections).

In addition, IETF is not the only one to produce communications 
technologies related parameters. ITU, ISO, Unicode, JTC1, W3C, IEEE, 
etc. are. ICANN could. VGNICS will. Most are publishing parameters. 
VGNICS intends to gather and publish them as an internet MDRS 
ontology for VGNICs' operational use. Question, will the VGNICS copy 
the IANA or apply the RFCs. What if there are discrepancies? What if 
the projected MDRS is right and the IANA is wrong?

At the presentime DNSA is a vapor, the MDRS is a long standing 
project, with tables in development for years and a site. So these 
things are not real yet, but they might be soon. They have to be 
designed consistantly.

All this is very confuse.


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