[discuss] Will there be life on 1net after IANA is globalized? (:-)

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So what are the rules and practices which MSism will operate within since we
have been told in no uncertain terms that MSism as is currently being touted
is not a "pig in a poke"?


I believe that question was actually one of the topics that the NETmundial
was seeking input on...

[MG>] perhaps, but the way in which this has been presented, including the
selection of representatives to the various committees has been such as to
frame the question in a manner which involves a pre-judgement i.e. not
whether MSism, but how MSism. My questions are such as to allow for an
informed debate/discussion/determination as to whether MSism is the
appropriate mode for global Internet Governance going forward.  Selecting
active proponents of MSism for the responsible positions and then phrasing
the question as you have is a very good way of foreclosing on the
fundamental discussion as to the appropriateness of MSism which needs to
take place before we get into the rules and procedures.  


            Section 2. Roadmap for the Further Evolution of the Internet
Governance Ecosystem


            The NETmundial meeting supports the need to evolve the
Multistakeholder Internet Governance Ecosystem. The goals are to energize
discussion and pursue agreements for the way forward based on equal footage.
NETmundial is accepting contributions on frameworks to evolve and extend
Internet Governance institutions and networks to address current and
emerging issues



As such, I imagine that some of the contributions express specific views on
the very question that you 

asked: "what are the rules and practices which MSism will operate" w.r.t to
Internet Governance?

[MG>] as a matter of fact, most of the one's I've looked at made the
presumption that MSism was the way to go forward and built from there.


Are there specific contributions that you feel express the "rules and
practices" that should be used?

If so, which contributions?   Are "rules and practices which MSism will
operate" that you believe are

important, and did you submit a contribution describing them?

[MG>] without having details as to what in fact is meant by MSism it is not
possible to make an informed decision as to whether MSism should be the
framing concept for Internet Governance ("buying a pig in a poke"). Surely
it is up to the proponents of MSism to provide these details in advance of
an endorsement of MSism.









Disclaimer: My views alone.






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