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parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Sat Mar 15 12:12:51 UTC 2014

On Saturday 15 March 2014 05:25 PM, McTim wrote:
> If there is to be no more contract (the one that says that ICANN MUST 
> be domiciled in the USA, then it has changed completely and ICANN is 
> free to base itself anywhere.
>     , unless of course USG plans to give away that as well, which
>     would be really really appreciated... Any idea if that is planned?
> they have just signaled their willingness for this to happen if I am 
> not mistaken.

This is interesting. So you say now ICANN may go anywhere it wishes to, 
it is upto the ICANN to do so. Hopefully, ICANN should apply to move to 
whichever country that gives it jurisdictional/ legal immunity through 
some national level instrument (Switzerland ?), although finally some 
kind of international legal framework for sorting disputes etc will 
still be needed.

So,  ICANN should tell the US that either it brings up a special 
legislation protecting it from US jurisdiction etc (not sure if this is 
constitutionally possible) or it moves to another place from where such 
an offer comes..

> rgds,
> McTim

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