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Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Sun Mar 16 15:23:42 UTC 2014

1. On the US face:

No comment needed ....  Will Obamanet be a new Obamacare?

2. On the EU face:

At 08:19 16/03/2014, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
>Until now the United States has had the final say in changes to 
>globally used data on top-level Internet domain names, such as .com 
>or .de.  The Commission has been pushing for such a move since 2009 
>and, most recently in its Communication on Internet Policy and 
>Governance of 12 February 2014, called for the globalisation of the 
>IANA functions.

Nelly (or the one who has her signature) has not yet understood the DNS :-)

>"The European Commission will work together with the US and with all 
>global stakeholders to implement the globalisation of the IANA 
>functions in a process that is accountable and transparent, and in a 
>manner that secures the open Internet and that will underpin human rights."

Nelly for sure has not read the NTIA statement: "NTIA will not accept 
a proposal that replaces the NTIA role with a government-led or an 
inter-governmental organization solution". An EC+EU work would mean a 
government-led solution.

3. On the Multitude face:

However, we could forgive Nelly and her associates if they clarify 
what they mean by "global stakeholders" as it can be:

- either a synonym for "incumbents and TNC"s, as expressed by the 
NTIA when stating they are "committed to a transition that will allow 
the private sector to take leadership for DNS management", 
deliberately excluding the Civil Society from their project.

- or a clear designation of all the multitude of VGN managers.

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