[discuss] [governance] U.S. to Give Up Oversight of Web Policymaking Body

Dominique Lacroix dl at panamo.eu
Sun Mar 16 21:38:59 UTC 2014

Le 16/03/14 21:28, Steve Crocker a écrit :
> [...] The question has already been asked and I’ll ask again.  What is the specific problem about being subject to US law?  As a general matter, rule of law is usually considered one of the U.S.’s very strongest qualities.[...]
Dear Steve,
Thanks for your very interesting and clarifying technical comments.

But about this precise point of trust, a large part of the world could
consider that US law is good *for US*.
Because of a bunch of recent laws that extend extraterritoriality and
allow surveillance.
And because precisely, the high technical qualities require US lawyers...
And because the USA are far and strange for a lot of people.
And because other countries have also good laws.

All these points feed mistrust.
Exactly as a mirror: some US laws are fed of mistrust. And some
practices shew abuses.
Some of American great analysts themselves say it: the US have been
making mistakes at least since 10 years.

So, IMHO, the first question could be: how could we build again some trust?
I think that, perhaps, chosing one common goal could help. But in order
to operate, it must be a bit out of the Internet management game.
And it must include civil society. Not only negociators for trade treaties.
That was the sense of my group's contribution to NetMundial.

Sorry if I disturbed. I saw some light and I entered the house ;-)

@+, best regards, Dominique

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