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Hello Milton,

On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 10:12 PM, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu> wrote:

> This is why IGP proposed to separate broader reforms of ICANN's
> incorporation and its policy making process from the globalization of the
> technical-clerical IANA functions. They are very distinct problems.
> Replacement of US law (if that is deemed advisable) might even require a
> new international treaty instrument.

While the IGP proposal seem compelling the fact that 3 out of the 4
question i had put to you initially did not get a definate response will
make it difficult for me to really compare and appreciate the possible
benefit of setting up an entirely newORG (DNSA). Below are the 3 questions

1. Under what law will the DNS Authority" (DNSA) be established. OR better
put in which country will the not-for-profit be registered?
2. Considering the registry to 1vote model of operating the DNSA, how does
that factor out for regions that seem currently underprivileged with
3. What is the internal structure of the DNSA going to look like i.e is
DNSA going to ask registries to contribute expertise to manage the root
maintenance OR they ask another entity to do that and provide oversight

So maybe the content of the MoU you refer can be discussed here(since there
is now an official process) and we can then all appreciate how all these
will become more efficient than what is already existing.

> It is relatively easy for us to let the IANA contract expire and pull the
> DNS-related IANA functions out of ICANN and into a new entity. Much harder
> to reincorporate ICANN and reform its policy making process. Try to do
> those two things together, and you either enter a morass of interdependent
> changes, or you just hand everything to ICANN without any accountability.
> The fact is that whether we move DNS-related IANA functions to a new
entity or not, there will be a significant change in ICANN processes. So i
don't think that cost can be avoided on either sides. However i think the
cost of setting up something new can be avoided. Perhaps if we have
response to the 3 questions above then we can appreciate the extent of cost
that comes in place as it relates to setting up something new. The point is
that how does DNSA not seem like just creating another NTIA?


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