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Hi Nick,

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> On 17 Mar 2014, at 10:57, Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:
> While I think this will happen, I, for one, don't see the value of
> multiplying the same discussion in different fora with the same core people
> in all of them. There are people here for whom the ICANN/IANA evolution is
> not a core issue (myself being one of them).  The two objectives of
> NetMundial are neither specific to ICANN or IANA, but far broader; we need
> that broader discussion.

> Well i will not expect that participation at ICANN meeting will be
identical to that of NetMundial. The main idea however is reaching broader
scope and widening the scope of contribution. Hence the reason why i think
NetMundial will most likely be taken advantage of, especially considering
there are timelines to presenting a proposal as the existing contract ends

> I don't think anyone here is disagreeing with recent development on
>> ICANN-IANA, as it is good news. However we should also not let that
>> overwhelm the other present concerns. Lets remember that the ICANN-IANA
>> processes is to prevent the future "what-IFs" while mass surveillance on
>> the other hand is currently happening and we should not neglect that.
>> "we" cannot solve national security issues. All we can do is insist that
>> the various aspects of national security use of data and the rules by which
>> non-nationals are treated are dealt with - in the fora where they are
>> already under discussion.
> This is the point; for me, it goes beyond national security, as i think
> that is just one side of it. There is personal security, organisation
> security and even the global security at stake. If there are indeed fora
> where issues like these are discussed and the voices from such forums are
> indeed recognised then why not, we go for it through such forums, until
> then we stick to the forum we know. (by the way the access.org seem
> un-reachable).
> There really isn't an 'until then' I don't think. The HRC has been dealing
> with surveillance as a main element of work, as regards the HR aspects,
> extremely capably, for quite a while now. The next major milestone is this
> June's HRC meeting. For those of you interested in HR and the online world,
> I strongly suggest you engage there if you aren't already; that's the venue
> where you can be successful as that's where the expertise and political
> engagement is. For the social aspects of surveillance, a process is just
> beginning at UNESCO; again, if that's your cup of tea, you go there. For
> security, there's the London Process and the annual conferences where that
> process goes forward. Etc. etc. For data protection issues that are not
> state-related, there are national and international fora where these are
> discussed too.
> https://mlat.info/app.php/ works great here.
> Thanks for all the information (access.org was the place i was heading

> The thing is we take surveillance as starting point and when we have
> raised so much awareness, we divert to other topics and then conclude that
> surveillance place is no longer here. Again i am in no way saying other
> topics are not also important but one is not necessarily more than the
> other.
> I am not sure that I follow what you mean in this paragraph.
> Well i was indirectly saying that the emergence of mass surveillance was
largely the reason for Br event, now it does not seem to be necessary to
feature on the agenda. OR would you not characterise the Br event as an IG


> Cheers!
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