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David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Mon Mar 17 17:40:57 UTC 2014


On Mar 17, 2014, at 10:01 AM, Elisabeth Blanconil <info at vgnic.org> wrote:
> I am interested in the status of the IANA missing information. Once the NTIA is gone, who will I be able to call upon: on the ombudsman?

I do not believe the Ombudsman is chartered to perform this function. This is also not and never has been a role NTIA performs.

In the past, when some portion of the community felt a registry was deficient in one way or another, they asked ICANN/IANA for the registry to be modified to address the deficiency. For example, a number of folks in the IETF community felt having a programmatic interface to the registries would be helpful. ICANN then modified the registries from an arbitrary text format to XML with a number of potential transforms.

Of course, given ICANN's resources are limited, modifications to the registries have to be prioritized, typically with the modifications that are the most helpful to the most people taking precedence.

> I am having an awfull time this afternoon because I work on EZoP.

"Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this."
"Doctor: Don't do that."

> The IANA TLD database as displayed does not provide the labels registered in the root (i.e. puny coded) by their displayed script.

Sorry, I'm unclear what you mean. http://www.iana.org/domains/root/db seems to display the punycoded labels. Could you provide an example of what you want?

> This is obviously a cause for dismay and errors for developers like me. This lack of proper documentation may therefore hurt many. Should we call on a Californian Judge for it?  And wait for the procedure to develop, a Judge to order ICANN to do properly its IANA work, or to tell me he does not care, so I have to appeal up to the supreme-court?
> This is the kind of unequal footing issues we cannot accept.

It's this sort of silly hyperbole that makes it difficult for me to take you seriously.  But that's probably only me.

Perhaps surprisingly, the folks who run the IANA registries are not omniscient in how people will use the data in those registries. If you believe there is a deficiency in a registry, there are a variety of ways you can pursue to address that deficiency, e.g., work with the IETF/IESG/IAB to define an alternative registry format or information, work with the ICANN policy forums to propose a policy on how information should be presented, etc. 


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