[discuss] A thought experiment - what follows the 'IANA transition?'

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Mon Mar 17 17:54:49 UTC 2014


this through experiment is in itself an interesting thought 
experiment: it shows the flaw in the current process. In your post 
you do not use the word "innovation". It shows that the whole thing 
is to stabilize the unilateral global status-quo based on technical 
limitations (e.g. unique authoritative root vs. multi-home-roots) to 
make it enforced by legal imitations. The Internet project is 
finished: the NTIA can close the ARPANET file. ICANN has matured and 
takes over due to a general agreement across stakeholder groups.

There is only two possibilities from there:
1. either the next phase (cf. IEN 48) is carried by the Internet community.
2. or the internet community joins the ITU in order to manage the 
common communication good, and a new community takes over the 
InterPLUS next phase.

In the real world it will probably be a mix of both.
Thank you for all these considerations that progressively shape a 
confirmation of what is to be achieved by who and how (even if they 
probably dramatically differ). This is why innovation can be both 
discruptive and incremental. However, in this case innovation is only 
to go by the initial plan to replicate in 2015 on a much much larger 
scale what others did in 1985.


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