[discuss] ITU Statement w.r.t IANA Transition

Eliot Lear lear at ofcourseimright.com
Mon Mar 17 18:13:11 UTC 2014

Hi Avri,

I don't read much into the statement other than, governments will have
their say.  On this point:

On 3/17/14, 7:00 PM, Avri Doria wrote:

> This does, however, show a mismatch between ICANN's proposed timeline
> that is focused all on ICANN meetings, and a wider expectation that
> NetMundial, and over appropriate venues will also be appropriate
> spaces (like maybe even the IGF) for this discussion.
> I think this will need to worked on by those responsible for
> orchestrating this transition.  At this point I think the view that
> all discussions occur on ICANN turf is problematic.

I would hope that meetings take place where the key stakeholders are,
balanced by region where appropriate.  Netmundial seems a good place for
dialog.  So does Singapore.  So too perhaps Amsterdam or Cancun, to name
but a few.


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