[discuss] IANA missing information

Carlos A. Afonso ca at cafonso.ca
Mon Mar 17 19:08:52 UTC 2014

One step that should be fixed in the IANA table:

1. I click on the IDN label of a country code.

2. The Delegation Record page opens with a "ISO link for decoding the
two-letter codes".

3. I click on the link and a ISO page opens saying I can check the ISO
code if I cough up CHF300, which is more than US$300! What is wrong with
these guys??

This is not good. 3166-1 table is a simple linear, basically static text
list of country codes, why would anyone have to pay to look at it?

Hope this can be fixed.

fraternal regards


On 03/17/2014 03:59 PM, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 06:59:43PM +0100, Elisabeth Blanconil wrote:
>> That I do not obtain what you describe. Could you please give me an
>> URL where I can see an "xn--" that I can automatically link to the
>> U-label.
> If you go to http://www.iana.org/domains/root/db, there's a list.
> It includes the label (say) 公益.  Click that.
> The URI it opens (in this case) is http://www.iana.org/domains/root/db/xn--55qw42g.html.
> The "xn--55qw42g" part of that URI is in fact the A-label
> corresponding to the U-label 公益.
> Hope that helps,
> A

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