[discuss] IANA missing information

Carlos A. Afonso ca at cafonso.ca
Mon Mar 17 22:43:09 UTC 2014

Thanks, David.

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On 03/17/2014 07:39 PM, David Conrad wrote:
> Carlos,
> On Mar 17, 2014, at 1:08 PM, Carlos A. Afonso <ca at cafonso.ca> wrote:
>> One step that should be fixed in the IANA table:
>> [...]
>> 3. I click on the link and a ISO page opens saying I can check the ISO
>> code if I cough up CHF300, which is more than US$300! What is wrong with
>> these guys??
>> This is not good.
> Agreed.
>> 3166-1 table is a simple linear, basically static text
>> list of country codes, why would anyone have to pay to look at it?
> It's particularly unfortunate given the ISO-3166 decoding table provided a very easily understood graphical depiction of the ISO-3166 2-letter codes.  The replacement mechanism is ... sub-optimal (e.g., I was unable to figure out which of the 2-letter codes are reserved for 'user defined' purposes; something that was trivial with the decoding table).
>> Hope this can be fixed.
> It is not within ICANN's bailiwick to fix the way ISO represents the data they manage.  However, I pointed the fact the IANA registry output points to a not so useful link at ISO's website to folks at ICANN this morning when I noticed it and I suspect they'll fix the links so they don't reference the decoding table in the future.
> It might be interesting if ICANN were to recreate the decoding table, but I suspect they're kind of busy with other stuff right now :)
> Regards,
> -drc

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