[discuss] surveillance governance, was Re: [governance] NTIA statement

Nick Ashton-Hart nashton at ccianet.org
Tue Mar 18 17:22:59 UTC 2014

+1: but the key to ensuring that happens is to think about where the political needs for action on other issues like surveillance can be met, and to socialize where those spaces exist. This is why I, among others, are keen to see an understanding that issues primarily about something other than IG remain so.

On 18 Mar 2014, at 18:04, Mike Roberts <mmr at darwin.ptvy.ca.us> wrote:

> Too many of the submissions on this thread are building sandcastles.  Admittedly, the geopolitical space surrounding the Internet is a vacuum and has many power brokers or wannabe power brokers circling around. So be it.  Some people have more time on their hands than others.
> But as George suggests, let’s leave IANA out of it. 

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