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S Moonesamy sm+1net at elandsys.com
Tue Mar 18 21:00:31 UTC 2014

Hi Seun,
At 11:13 18-03-2014, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>My  understanding is that this political sanctions does not affect 
>internet operation in those regions especially as it relates to 
>names and IP resources. Are you saying this is not practically the 
>case? i.e does ICANN threat requests from those region differently 
>from others due to  governmental political sanctions?

The above questions are about the past.  The Root zone has been 
working up to now.  There has been a few issues, e.g. see the .nz 
comments.  These issues haven't affected the Root zone.  Will it be 
in the interest of the relevant government not to exercise sanctions in future?

S. Moonesamy 

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