[discuss] Republicans Uneasy About ICANN Decision, Schedule Hearing

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Wed Mar 19 19:31:27 UTC 2014


I quoted the immediate reaction of GOP, they obviously continue. Your 
quote of the  FCC  Commissionner  is also interesting. If you 
consider them carefully (as well as RFC 6852) you might have, like I 
have, the distinctive feeling that the real issue is not so much the 
decision about what to do, but that it has to be collective, so no 
one can be made responsible of a failure.

The decision is not that easy for the USG. They have managed an 
incredible development for all, they are the leading beneficiary. But 
they know this is partly a piece of luck, partly due to their 
funding, partly to a fundamental enthusiasm of a little group of 
people that may not renew or enlarge to the global diversity. The 
real question is the one RFC 6852 starts with: the "huge bounty" 
resulting from the internet and the web. And (IMHO) of the missing 
middle-layer between these two propositions: intelligence.

What is worrying too, for everyone, is the NTIA lie: that the Class 
IN topzone db.file is the core of the Internet. It is difficult to 
know what will be the political response to the Class "IN" TopRep file.

Certainly, the ICANN "ROOT" now also includes the IP addresses, but 
will it be enough to calm the TM lobby? Will the Democrats be able to 
show that the decisions were also Republican, that Richard Clarke's 
doctrine was not applied by any side, that BGP is still as vulnerable 
as before?

The real problem, we civil society IUsers (informed users) face is 
the uncertainty between now and end 2015. Every technical development 
we can engage and innovation we can propose must stay away from the 
IETF technology, because derivative works can be legally objected in US courts.


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