[discuss] surveillance governance,, etc.

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Sat Mar 22 15:54:48 UTC 2014

At 13:28 22/03/2014, McTim wrote:
>Why am I involved in this thread?

Because you disregarded Michel Gauthier's reminder about IAB RFC 3869.

>I've not commented at all since the subject line was changed and we 
>went down this particular rathole.
>Leave me out of this nonsense please!

I understand that this rathole and nonsense is the world peace. IMHO, 
you might be unfamiliar with press. Your kind of comments (this is 
your right), damages the image of the Dubai minority.

>So far, you are not even speculating that there is an 'influencing 
>strategy", you are merely posting random factoids seemingly in 
>support of the other MGs snide insinuations.

This strategy is plainly, publicly, and authoritatevely documented as 
such. In case you are not aware:

Your comments on DNS-ORC and CAIDA (Michel Gauthier could have 
extended to W3C) show that you have not read the Farewell address I 
quoted. I really advise you to do it. There are good answers there to 
*every* "principle" (as Fadi would say) question discusssed on this 
list. Astonishing and refreshing, as it is a good, strong and 
determined US position set that for once everyone can most probably 
consensually adopt. And start from there.

>My question to you still stands.
>How would you like the IETF to be funded??

If you ask this to a journalist he will only report you do not any 
response yourself.

BTW, if you do not know, why don't you ask the IAB? And then decide 
if you can accept the corresponding constraints.

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