[discuss] DIGILEXIS statement to NTIA proposed transition of IANA functions

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Sat Mar 22 20:25:44 UTC 2014

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On March 14, the U.S. Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) announced intent to end its oversight
role with the IANA functions and called for a transition process to begin
toward the full administration of those key Internet domain name functions
by the global multi-stakeholder community.

DIGILEXIS welcomes this decision and appreciates the opportunity for these
functions and the stewardship of the Internet domain name system (DNS) to
further evolve toward a governance model that is truly global, inclusive of
all stakeholders and widely accepted as a result.

DIGILEXIS understands the multi-stakeholder policy making model as a
_sectoral_ policy making mechanism that is in alignment with democratic
values by being inclusive of all people concerned, bottom-up and consensus
driven. Because, as per the implementation of the model we have seen so
far, it mostly organizes the participants into groups referred to as
"stakeholders," it is even more critical to make sure the views and
concerns of citizens and Internet users around the world, who are not
organized into professional or particular interest groups, are taken into

DIGILEXIS supports the four principles put forward by NTIA to guide ICANN
and the global Internet community in the formulation of a transition
proposal and wants to stress the need for a unified, stable, secure and
trust-worthy Internet, while still in keeping with openness and innovation
as we have known. It is also critical that its development retains the
need, and constantly improves on its ability, to help preserve and further
Civil Liberties for all Internet users around the globe.

>From the standpoint of the opportunities for economic development afforded
by the Internet, DIGILEXIS urges the international community and the global
Internet community to give particular attention to the cost structure
associated with the emerging governance framework so as to reduce economic
barriers for developing nations and their Internet stakeholders, to the
extent those costs may result from governance and policy decisions.

Finally, DIGILEXIS expresses hope that the globalization of the IANA
functions will be further completed by carefully assessing the jurisdiction
to be applicable in the new institutional environment. This new legal
regime should have an international basis with a view to reducing costs and
putting the access and use of its apparatus within the reach of all
stakeholders across all regions of the world. Along the same line, suitable
and effective accountability and transparency mechanisms shall also be put
in place.


DIGILEXIS (www.digilexis.com) is a small yet multifaceted corporation with
consultancy, research and advocacy components. It is currently registered
in Cote d'Ivoire.
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