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Mon Mar 24 02:42:25 UTC 2014

Hi Mwendwa,

On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 10:05 PM, Mwendwa Kivuva
<Kivuva at transworldafrica.com> wrote:
> The answer seems to lie on the text below. As a consumer, I don't see
> why I should pay for a service I don't use.

This is a cleverly crafted, but erroneous argument spun by highly
profitable telcos who don't want to upgrade their networks to the
bandwidth levels that we should all enjoy at much lower costs.  Look
at the places like Singapore or South Korea or even places in the US
where Google fiber project has rolled out.  ISPs can be profitable at
much lower price points delivering much higher speeds to consumers.
They just don't want to do it this way, as they are quite comfortable
making windfall profits while delivering as little bandwidth as they

>>> When Netflix delivered its movies by mail, the cost of delivery was
>>> included in the price their customer paid.  It would've been neither right
>>> nor legal for Netflix to demand a customer's neighbors pay the cost of
>>> delivering his movie.  Yet that's effectively what Mr. Hastings is
>>> demanding here, and in rather self-righteous fashion.  Netflix may now be
>>> using an Internet connection instead of the Postal Service, but the same
>>> principle applies.  If there's a cost of delivering Mr. Hastings's movies
>>> at the quality level he desires - and there is - then it should be borne
>>> by Netflix and recovered in the price of its service.
> But that answer negates net-neutrality principles : All internet
> traffic should be treated equal. It's a tough debate

It's pretty simple.  I pay my ISP to deliver packets to me.  i pay
them for an "all you can eat" service.  If I choose to stream movies
or the ICANN meeting or music or just email, it makes no difference.
They still should provide me with the service I pay for, simple


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