[discuss] BNA article on Internet transition by US Ambassador Sepulveda and US DoC Assistant Secretary Strickling

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Mon Mar 24 15:01:19 UTC 2014

At 03:51 24/03/2014, joseph alhadeff wrote:
>How would you deal with the desire of a number of 
>governments/organizations to internationalize rather than globalize 
>Internet Governance without the controls that NTIA has placed on the 

Could you explain which control?

Some people feel that NTIA only defaulted its inability to address 
the situation on Steve Crocker. They took the word of ICANN claiming 
they were an "MS" (whatever it mey means, it is fashionable) proven 
expert to decide they were mature enough to take over the "Internet 
CARE" before it becomes too much an International burden. Don't you?

>Seems to me that the sense of the list for a solution was what they 
>have offered...

My congratulation is about the evaluation that they found a way to 
transmit the MS (i.e. the lobbying organized oligarchy) hot-potatoe 
to the Congress. This way they will not have to acclimate the 
Telecommunications Act to the 2014 technology and neutrality, to 
create an FIC, to transform ISPs into common carrirers, etc. and to 
be laughed at for doing in the US, what they refused the world in Dubai.

>You may consider this poker (or perhaps bridge in light of trump 
>cards..), but an immediate turnover to an as of yet 
>un-created/identified entity in a vacuum of process would have been 
>Russian Roulette with live rounds.  I'd prefer to see how the hand plays out.

That is the beauty of the move. The internet will not be rulled by 
the White-House anymore (sorry JFC for your file), but by the US 
Judges. No vacuum. No need for Russians, Chineses, Europeans, 
Indians, South-Americans, Africans, etc. to be involved. The 1996 Act 
rules them all. Upto the Telcos now to carry the job with their 
Congress lobbied friends if they want to revise it
They are now free to propose a new Datacommunications Deal, based 
upon second generation secure technology considering datagram 
transfers layer as a pure commodity they can delegate to the ITU if 
that pleases the world.


>On 3/23/2014 7:09 PM, Michel Gauthier wrote:
>>At 22:47 23/03/2014, John Curran wrote:
>>>"Celebrating and Protecting the Global Internet"
>>Brillant, indeed. Playing poker with internet control! Now they are 
>>This definitly addresses Vint Cerf's motivation. A job well done!
>>We are going to see how they and the world address his second motivation.
>>The NTIA is now free to play their trump cards.
>>M G
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