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> VI. Conclusion
> The Igov2 project welcomes further discussions with the goal of
establishing an organization outside of the U.S. to manage the IANA
I am not sure I understand why the report statement from I to V finally
resolve to such statement goal. USG has been specific on terms of
withdrawal from the current stewardship role it performs. Emphasis on a
multi stakeholder environment was re-echoed. I don't think the goal you
concluded to is part of the TOR released by NTIA.

There is now a unique opportunity to advance a transfer that is in the
global interest.
Yes I agree to this part. I think we should be open minded and not just
narrow the solution to creating new organisation. However as your statement
does not propose a solution(but critics a proposal) I think when other
proposal in that direction is provided then it will receive necessary

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> [1] Full title: "Governance of the Domain Name System and the Future
Internet (Igov2)". See further
This submission reflects the views of the core Igov2 project team at the
NRCCL. The submission does not necessarily reflect the views of the
organisations funding Igov2, nor the views of other collaborators on the
> [2] Internet Governance Project (IGP), 'A roadmap for globalizing IANA,'
available at
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