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On Mar 24, 2014, at 5:22 PM, Ian Peter <ian.peter at ianpeter.com> wrote:

> The draft timeline (link provided below) is nothing more than a list of ICANN meetings, each described as a "meeting of the global multistakeholder community". No other events are included.
> Of course many, if not most, of the global multistakeholder community do not attend ICANN meetings. Many people with only  a passing interest in the day to day operations of ICANN have an interest in how this transfer of powers is resolved.
> One would hope consultation spreads well beyond the narrow set of stakeholders involved in ICANN.

Yes, one would hope and expect so.  From what I can tell, there is a very short window 
to submit input regarding how that process should be done, if you wish it to be in the 
first draft of the process document that will be sent out for community consultation -
see my attached summary to one of the IETF discussing lists regarding where we are
in the current IANA transition planning process (as best as I can discern)


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> As far as I can tell, this phase is simply an expedited call for input on the cross-community 
> process and timeline that is to be used for IANA transition plan development - specifically, 
> the entire community is being asked to comment on the presentation of process and timeline 
> that ICANN (as the USG NTIA designated process convener) provided in Singapore - 
>    <http://singapore49.icann.org/en/schedule/mon-iana-accountability/presentation-iana-accountability-24mar14-en>
> Amongst other things, that presentation asks the following framing questions regarding the 
> IANA transition plan development process - 
>     - What are the most important principles?
>     - What mechanisms are important to ensure a well-run process?
> It also notes a fairly large list of ICANN, IETF, and RIR meetings occurring between now and 
> September 2015, although how community discussion and cross-community synthesis of inputs 
> appears to be a completely open question (and hence particularly ripe for community input now)
> ...

> It is incredibly short timeframe, but it's also important to get back comments on the proposed
> timeline and process, integrate those into a draft, and get that out for comment by 7 April so 
> that it can be finalized, since it is only upon completion of all that we'll be able to utilize the 
> resulting development process and have some discussions of the actual content of the IANA 
> Transition Plan.  
> For example, if you feel that there should be just one global mailing list for the IANA transition 
> plan development with continuous synthesis of all input, or one discussion in each community 
> each via their processes; or that we should use one global wiki-based plan document editing
> facility, or have an appointed steering committee to synthesize inputs between communities,
> or that there should be only a few selected face-to-face meetings where we do open forum for 
> cross-community integration of positions, or that we should generate initial draft IANA transition 
> plan text via a random number generator, or for that matter _any_ other process suggestions
> regarding the IANA transition plan development, now is the time to get those submitted asap...
> As noted above, once ICANN integrates the received input on the development process into a 
> draft document, it will go out to a formal consultation on or about 7 April, so there will definitely 
> be an opportunity to respond to all of the process input at that time.  That is why if you feel that 
> a particular process or mechanism should be used to develop the IANA Transition plan, it is 
> crucial to submit it by 27 March so that the entire cross-community set of participants will see 
> it in the 7 April draft process/timeline document.
> (This is probably far more information about this process for input than anyone actually wanted
> to hear, but given the extremely tight timelines, I figured that is better to write down everything
> we can discern about it from being here onsite at the ICANN meeting...)
> FYI,
> /John
> Disclaimer: My views alone.  Not responsible for errors and omissions - any resulting IANA
>                    from this process is purely the responsibility of the participants.
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