[discuss] Opportunity for input on the development process for IANA oversight transition plan

Roland Perry roland at internetpolicyagency.com
Wed Mar 26 07:26:30 UTC 2014

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09:03:53 on Wed, 26 Mar 2014, John Curran <jcurran at istaff.org> writes
>>> Suggestions on how you want that to work need to be submitted asap, and there will be a draft of the process to be used put out for
>>>community review on 7 April 2014.
>> Is such a small windows to make sure Govs do not have time enough to respond? Or is the topic on the GAC agenda in Singapore?
>It's fairly hard to ask for specific feedback from the global community
>without some form of document to review, so I believe drafting an initial
>first draft of a process for developing the IANA Transition plan is a high
>priority for that reason (once there is an initial draft, a lot of folks
>are likely to have a much easier time engaging in a concrete manner.)
>However, it should not take long to write up any high-level thoughts you
>may have on process and related issues (to be considered along with
>discussions from the ICANN meeting in Singapore) -  anyone who has such
>thoughts or suggestions should get them submitted asap.

That's a very useful clarification. Speaking of assumptions, I had 
assumed that the process of discussing the transition plan would 
inevitably take place at ICANN meetings, on the 1Net list, at the IGF, 
and so on.

But if the process itself isn't yet decided, then that leaves plenty of 
time for stakeholders to develop their own positions for feeding into 
the process, when the process itself opens for business later in the 

(Of course, the process may well include the elements I list above, and 
I look forward to participating).
Roland Perry

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