[discuss] Whoops: Bad Link RE: Blogpost: The Multistakeholder Model, Neo-liberalism and Global (Internet) Governance

S Moonesamy sm+1net at elandsys.com
Thu Mar 27 05:56:38 UTC 2014

Hi Mike,
At 17:36 26-03-2014, michael gurstein wrote:

 From that link:

   "Equally of course, the citizens of Less Developed Countries whose 
    lack the knowledge and often the resources to act as effective 
stakeholders in
    MS processes; whose national Internet corporations are either 
sub-units of global
    corporations or too weak to be effective in such environments; and whose
    Civil Society organizations have been captured by means of the 
cheap baubles
    of international travel, the flattery of 'participation' in 
discussions with
    Internet luminaries, along with the crumbs of localized 
organizational benefits;
    will (as with the disadvantaged populations in Developed 
Countries) be completely
    at the mercy of those in the Developed Countries and in those 
small segments of
    their own countries who have already achieved success in the 
global Internet
    sphere and stand to benefit enormously in prestige and otherwise 
through the
    dominance of multistakeholder governance processes.'

People in countries which are not part of the developed world are 
well aware of the opportunities for travel experience.  As for the 
flattery of participation there is some awareness about that.  It 
seems that people from undeveloped countries are singled out in your message.

There is a previous article (March 21, 2013) which I'll quote:

   "I'm currently, with others, working on behalf of the e-Africa 
Directorate of
    the African Union to find ways of further enabling the broadest base of
    participation in a series of multistakeholder processes which I 
consider to be
    very successful in their domain."

Could you please provide some publicly available information so that 
people can assess for themselves whether these ways of further 
enabling the broadest base of participation have delivered any results?

S. Moonesamy  

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