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Sat Mar 29 14:25:36 UTC 2014

Hi Parminder,
At 02:54 29-03-2014, parminder wrote:
>Who decides which idea is better is what constitutes power...
>Using 'merit' to justify power can be the modern 
>day equivalent to use of 'blood' (or lineage) to 
>justify power in the feudal age.... Just that we 
>are often too close to the phenomenon - and 
>enjoy its benefits far too much - to be able to 
>assess it critically, but try we must....

There was a satire [1] published in 1958.  It 
introduced the word "meritocracy" to the 
world.  Nowadays there are systems where reward 
or advancement is based on merit.

Who decides which idea is better can be a form of 
power.  An alternative is to leave the decision 
to an (open) group of people.  Another 
alternative is to decide through voting.  This is 
where it get complex as one has to choose a 
voting system and who is eligible to vote.

The theories about the above could be 
discussed.  In my opinion the discussion would 
not be that useful without facts.  The reason for 
requesting facts is that anyone, irrespective of 
merit, can assess the matter critically.

There was a comparision of the "ICANN PDP to 
policy development processes in Regional Internet 
Registries and the standardization and policy 
development processes in the IETF and ITU".  The 
conclusion was that the ICANN's PDP was the most 
open and transparent.  Quoting the ITU Secretary-General [2]:

   "I was pleased because ITU – which it is my 
privilege to lead – can truly be said
    to have invented the concept of multi-stakeholderism."

S. Moonesamy

1. humor that shows the weaknesses or bad 
qualities of a person, government, society, etc.
2. http://www.itu.int/en/osg/speeches/Pages/2012-09-26.aspx 

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