[discuss] CircleID post: a way forward on what "Internet Governance" is, and is not

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Hi All,
Applying Nick's definition, I believe the topics of spam, robustness of the Internet and network neutrality would fall under the categories covered by (non-Global) IG. Shouldn't we talk about that?

Could you please define the current situation with regards to these three subjects, the status of the work done in other fora (W3C for spam, perpass initiative update for robustness at the IETF,...). 

What other perspective could we bring to the discussions occurring elsewhere?    


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Dear all,

In case it is of interest, there's a CircleID post from me on why we need to have more clarity on what is, and is not, within the scope of "Internet Governance."  I propose a way to resolve the vagueness that has bedeviled this term for 10 years built around the concept that the data that is carried by the Internet and the network that carries that data are separate things, and that data should not be a part of "Internet Governance" because it is dealt with in many other venues.

I hope it is of interest. It is on the front page at the moment but the direct link is http://www.circleid.com/posts/20140328_internet_governance_what_does_it_mean_anyway/. 

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