[discuss] What is MSism?

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Sun Mar 30 14:37:33 UTC 2014

At 12:00 30/03/2014, 'Andrew Sullivan' wrote:
>You are right to worry that a system that is completely unresponsive
>to any interests outside those of the participants risks becoming
>illegitimate.  The answer to that, however, need not be direct
>democracy or anything of that sort.  It might just be a mechanism by
>which additional interests can introduce themselves without a lot of
>procedural friction.

Correct. And this is why the US Telecommunications Acts are of high 
experimental  value, and unbundling a proven  concept. This is what 
NTIA most probably expects from ICANN and its challengers: 
a  consensual self deregulation process. Unfortunately ICAAN seems 
(but nothing is formally published outside of George Sadowsky and 
John Curran personnal visions) for the time being respond by bundling 
increase (integrated Name and Numbers and IANA).

>I think that is, for instance, something the IETF is pretty good at, 
>and I've yet to see an argument that the alternative you appear to 
>be pushing doesn't subject the Internet to
>misinfomed mob rule.

Thank you to implicitly acknowledge that my informed user mob over 
multilinguistics defense at the IETF was not misinformed :-).

I do acknowledge that further to my rejection by the IETF incumbents, 
the Chair (and other "leaders", as well as the IETF Trust) has known 
to introduce and personnaly help the IUCG set-up. Something ICANN and 
its community have not done yet (BTW1, we would dearly do with some 
spare support from a PHP programer to fix the version conflict the 
site currently meets ... BTW2, IUCG has a published budget of M$ 0).


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