[discuss] What kind of "governance" do you want? (was Re: What is MSism?)

Stephen Farrell stephen.farrell at cs.tcd.ie
Sun Mar 30 20:43:12 UTC 2014


On 03/30/2014 08:07 PM, michael gurstein wrote:
> [MG>] I completely agree with the above and think that those observations
> are a very good way to begin a constructive discussion on ways forward for
> democratic governance.  

That sounds like an entirely different mailing list.

What is your justification for insisting that the ocean of
democratic governance in that very broad sense must be boiled
before we figure out how to do better with running the

Seems like a nonsensical position to me TBH.

I figure we do want and need to do better in how the
Internet is run, e.g. in terms of getting requirements from
less well connected parts of the world, or in terms of
figuring out whatever it is that the EU commission want
when they talk about taking public policy into account
when developing technical standards (which totally puzzles
me at least;-). And probably other stuff too.

But IMO none of that requires us even agreeing on the meaning
of the term neoliberalism or of whatever your own favourite
ism might be. All those are distractions.

Constantly trying to talk about abstract MSism as you are
doing is I think pointless. I also think its liable to be
detrimental to making progress on things with which I'm
guessing you'd agree and to making progress on things like
those I mention two paras above.

Michael, I think its past time that you take your main
topic of concern to some more appropriate forum, and/or
that you manage to moderate yourself into not constantly
trying to drag the conversation back to that, and even
moreso that you avoid the stilted rhetoric that seems to
accompany many of your mails when they touch on your main
(and IMO off-topic) concern.


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