[discuss] What kind of "governance" do you want? (was Re: What is MSism?)

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Sun Mar 30 22:32:38 UTC 2014

At 23:47 30/03/2014, michael gurstein wrote:
>Whatever the (unargued at least by me, since I lack sufficient 
>information to comment) successes/strengths of MS processes such as 
>those within the IETF the issue is not with these but with the clear 
>intention to transfer these processes from the narrow and technical 
>spheres involved in Internet Governance into much broader spheres of 
>Internet associated policy and beyond.

I think you miss a point. The IETF MSism is open to all. The ICANN 
MSis is open to selected structures. The IETF MSism is without 
"kings, presidents and votes". The ICANN MSism is among the leaders 
of this structures..

>In these latter instances the impact of these processes and their 
>broader limitations (from formal decision making and democratic 
>deficiency perspectives among others) become of central 
>significance. Frankly, I'm surprised that folks in the technical 
>community aren't agreeing with this perspective since the push-back 
>against this MSist "overreach" will clearly impact on the use of MS 
>processes where they do make sense and are effective. M

IETF has abandonned its traditional core values, documented in the 
RFC 3935 which defines its mission. Its new paradigm (not submitted 
to the IETF processus, only to the signature of its sole Chair) 
states: "We embrace a modern paradigm for standards where the 
economics of  global markets, fueled by technological advancements, 
drive global deployment of standards regardless of their formal status".

However, it also states: "In this paradigm standards support 
interoperability, foster global competition, are developed through an 
open participatory process, and  are voluntarily adopted globally." 
Yet, the model ICANN wants to see discussed must not accept 
competition based upon voluntary adoptions.

You can massage the IG issue as much s you want, there are only three 
options: ITU, ICANN and IUCG. You must chose or mix.

M G 

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