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Andrea Glorioso andrea at digitalpolicy.it
Fri May 2 11:15:01 UTC 2014

On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 10:25 PM, Patrick Ryan <patrickryan at google.com>wrote:

> At risk of getting a little off topic, but that we don’t lose the plot on
> this, one of the things that I heard many times in the hallway at
> NETmundial was the need to address gender issues in the area of Internet
> governance.  This wasn’t something that was addressed in any of the plenary
> sessions (to my recollection), but I had no less than a half dozen hallway
> conversations about it. It’s a good IGF question (because of the broad
> mandate that the IGF has for various policy matters) and I’m working with
> colleagues in the MAG to see if we can fold this into one of the work areas
> this year in Istanbul.  However, it’s something that we should also
> consider on a broader basis.
> If my back-of-the envelope analysis is right on the statistics of 1Net
> postings that came out recently, there are only three women that factor in
> any of the “top 20” categories listed (Marilyn, Avri, Andrea).

I might be wrong, but a quick scan through the 1net archives suggests that
I might be the "Andrea" Patrick is referring to.

If that is indeed the case, I am afraid that my contribution to gender
balance in Internet governance discussions is not very positive, since -
notwithstanding the name - I am actually a man (and I can provide proof of

For those who are interested, "Andrea" is mostly a male name in the country
I come from (Italy). It is possible, but uncommon, that a woman is called
"Andrea"; the most common form for women is "Andreina".

If there is another Andrea on this list and I did not notice, apologies for
the wasted bytes.

P.S.: before anyone wonders, the proof I am talking about is my moustache +
beard, which I grew for the express purpose of minimising confusion when
people see me in person for the first time.


Andrea (not a girl)
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