[discuss] Network neutrality language [wascFINAL VERSION OF, etc.

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Sat May 3 23:02:58 UTC 2014

At 19:46 03/05/2014, Barry Shein wrote:
>Where are they or their representatives?

At 20:28 03/05/2014, michael gurstein wrote:
>the largest publishing group in Europe effectively calling for 
>global regulation of the monopoly provider of an increasing range of 
>fundamental Internet based services

>From: Nick Ashton-Hart [mailto:nashton at internet-ecosystem.net]
>Conspiracy theories are all fine and good but the purpose of /1net 
>is to work on issued of *general* concern where there is a *hope* of 
>common cause.

The general concern outside of this list might be that the increasing 
ICANNOOGLE common political cause does not even need them to be 
represented on this list for their positions to be supported.


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