[discuss] List membership management (was: Net neutrality (censored input))

FSP4NET alliance at fsp4.net
Sun May 4 18:13:05 UTC 2014

At 14:52 04/05/2014, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>I for one am grateful.  I see no reason why other lists ought to be
>posting to these lists.  That seems like an excellent way to create a
>mail exploder.

May be the novelty of our process creates a confusion for you. What 
it means is:

1. subscriptions to the /1net list are automatically filtered. This 
tells how ICANN conceives an MS process on an equal footing. It is 
discriminated multistakeholderism. DMS.

2. we are a multistakholder group. Rather than confusing the list in 
using our own individual mail addresses and discussing issues among 
us, what some external and internal people think unappropriate, we 
have resolved to restrict ourselves to a single mailbox every of us 
can freely use and keep discussing the preparation of our mails, the 
responses and the general flow of the lists internally. We thought it 
advisable as our number slowly increases and the number of 
contributors on the ICANN lists decreases.

This is therefore the countrary of a mail explosion. However in 
meaning less mails and more preparation this may lead to more 
structured contributions and less noise. Our mail address filtering 
tends to show that the main purpose of this list is to be kept noisy 
as a proof of "Community participation".

(actually this mail was written and tuned by three people, delaying 
the response and avoiding several mails on the list, dramatically 
reducing the potential noise). We thinks this is the way a reasonable 
MS process should work. Don't you?

NB. We will probably keep tuning our VGN and its VPN parts for the 
weeks to come. At this time we continue to share copies of our mail 
agent (internal tools and format), IPs, servers.

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