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just FYI: The  battle between Mr. Döpfner (Springer is, inter alia, the publisher of the German tabloid BILD Zeitung) and Mr. Schmidt (Google) in Germany is not new, it is a very old one. It goes back to 2009 when Springer tried to convince the FDP-CDU government to establish a "Leistungsschutzrecht". With this law Springer wanted to have money for the snippets Google News (and other news aggregators) do publish from the newspapers owned by Springer.  With other words: A (German) one million dollar business wanted to have some money from another (American) million dollar business with the help of the government.  A delicate aspect of this is, that there was - in the background - a family linkage. There were two brothers: one worked in the establishment of Springer, the other one in the Chancellory. The guy from the government has now left the governmental office and works for BMW. 
I have my doubts whether Springer has any idea to strengthen the democratic multistakeholder Internet Governance model and to include civil society into Internet policy development and decision making. Users/readers were not asked when the parliament discussed the "Leistungsschutzrecht". 


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Yes, the copyright interests and other threatened old media have been at war with Google for some time. Odd to see Mr. Gurstein siding with the MPAA and the book publishers, but when you have no consistent principles I guess the enemy of your enemy is your friend, etc. 


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Yes, that well known left wing conspiracy hack err the head of Axel Springer Corp (the largest publishing group in Europe) effectively calling for global regulation of Google (the monopoly provider of an increasing range of 

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