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I think that question goes either way; what has using multiple emails by
one person produced so far? Except that I have perhaps referring to a non
existing name. - you know those feelings that comes when you call someone
by name and then you suddenly realised that wasn't it's name afterall.
For me I am not against using multiple email, but I am against using
multiple identities by one person.


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> At 22:12 05/05/2014, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
>> Indeed. And one-person one-name seems to be a vital rule to avoid
>> falsifying the debate.
> Dont you think that confusing /2NET with a debate is precisely what
> falsifies the MS process? Could you please indicate who is then the ICANN,
> ISOC, IAB, IETF, W3C, ITU, IEEE, RIR one person who shoualong you
> participate to the MS process concerning the IANA transition?
> My understanding of this list now is that there are people who want to
> work and build a real project with its real stakeholders and those who only
> want to chat with other chatters.
> Question is: what has the one-person one-mail-name module produced so far
> irt. the internet use satisfaction? I am just asking. I try to figure out
> what MSism is and what non
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