[discuss] List membership management

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Thu May 8 14:17:03 UTC 2014

At 15:00 06/05/2014, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>Then I got a note from someone asking that I re-engage on list.  So 
>I did.  I think the steering committee decided that moderating a 
>mailing list was beyond their ability to commit (I don't blame them 
>-- I wouldn't moderate this list either), so here we are.  We have 
>to self-moderate and put up with knaves and fools.  I find that 
>procmail or sieve helps.

This is a key quote to be retained from a serious and respected 
IETF/IAB member. If ICANN called for help, but cannot however steer 
this mailing list, how could it manage the whole internet alone? In 
being honnestly pragmatic, don't you think that if participants to 
the /1NET list have to self-manage it, individual users will also 
have to self-manage their internet?.


PS. I have been cleverly advised to sign my English posts in using my 
middle-initial, what happens to also stand for Multi Stakeholder 
Group, while my usual M G signature happens to also stand, in the 
French language, for the Telepresse's "mutualité groupée" spirit.   

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