[discuss] accountability

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Sat May 10 22:37:28 UTC 2014

At 15:10 10/05/2014, Avri Doria wrote:
>I think a formula that combines:
>- coordinating bodies, of some TBD composition, with some limited 
>decision making capabilities, not only for transition but as part of 
>the long term solution

This seems a reverberation of the modern standardization paradigm.

>- and accessible appeals mechanism paths, both internal and 
>external. With some of them being advisory and some binding.

However, the particularity of this modern paradigm is that the 
network technology is specified by the markets (plural) of multiple 
"global communities". Don't you think that the ultimate judge are the 
indepent/lead users?

>- with agreed upon levels of seperation

An MS agreement can result from a formal decision or from the 
emergence of a consensus from the markets. Which one would you 
advise?  Sao Paulo like influenced meetings, ICANN selfpromotion 
campaign, crowd choosing, or others?


>should be looked at for accountability.

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