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Tue May 13 16:08:30 UTC 2014

At 14:38 13/05/2014, Ali Hussein wrote:
>Interesting read. It definitely made me appreciate the pros and cons 
>on this highly contentious issue. In fact I would venture to even 
>suggest a sort of 'Affirmative Action' to ensure that the very 
>under-served parts of the continent are quickly brought online even 
>if it means going against some basic tenets of Net Neutrality - of 
>which I am a big proponent of.
>Ali Hussein

Dear Ali,
We are somewhat lost here. How such bringing online means going 
against net neutrality tenets?
It is self investing into a common infrastructure at no community 
debt. Does net-neutrality call for bankers?

In fact this seems (this is the way I read it as myself being a local 
meshed network [non-profit] project leader): we bootstrap with a 
minimum $ 10 monthtly subscription fee and $ 10 discount, everything 
in addition to a 0 monthly traffic being charged on a per minute 
basis. Then we deacrease the discount and increase the monthly traffic.

Or for more sophisticated devices 

spokeperson for the fsp4net alliance

At 14:54 13/05/2014, Jeanette Hofmann wrote:
>One might ask though what kind of online space it is that these 
>zero-rated services create. It has certainly not much to do with 
>what I associate with the Internet.
>>>Given that an unrestricted Internet access might never be able to 
>>>compete with a zero $ data contract, these quick and cheap 
>>>solutions could become a curse should they create public 
>>>resistence against net neutrality regulation.

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