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Thu May 15 18:22:15 UTC 2014

perhaps unlimited means reachabilitity to every announced IP address and not  100Tbytes/sec 24/7/365 to  a single IP?
just a thought.

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On 15May2014Thursday, at 11:16, Barry Shein <bzs at world.std.com> wrote:

> From: Ali Hussein <ali at hussein.me.ke>
>> @Milton
>> In Kenya we have had cases of providers talking of 'Unlimited Internet' only=
>> to cap bandwidth after a certain threshold. Where would this fall under?=20=
>> PS - They stopped this misleading practice of advertising when consumers pro=
>> tested.
> Reminds of the time as a strapping young grad student I was thrown out
> of an "all you can eat" establishment with the owner yelling "THAT'S
> This harkens back to the days of internet dial-up when many would
> advertise "unlimited" dial-up access for a flat price but would drop
> the connection of anyone idle too long (perhaps they were waiting for
> a message?) or other reasons, essentially "not idle too long".
> It goes back to the original sin of "over-subscription", the provider
> doesn't really have enough resources to service everyone as promised
> -- but it was such attractive marketing! unlimited! -- so tries to
> find ways to cover the difference as you describe.
> Since the issue with dial-up were the number of phone lines and ports
> available, someone could get a busy signal, the issue was much
> simpler.
> Unlimited simply meant, they explained, that if you could manage to
> get on and stay on you would not be charged for that residency.
> Marketing can be so clever. The explanation was largely accepted.
> I'm sure someone will redefine "unlimited" as you describe and off
> we'll go as the entire industry adopts the policy.
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